Follow Up

15 Mar

Today I went for my follow up appointment with GP. I told her that I wasn’t feeling great on the tablets – sickly and shaky and she assured me that this was normal and if I could stick with it for a couple of weeks the side effects would diminish.

We again spoke about suicidal tendencies and I said nothing had really changed in that department but I think I’m just looking for a way to stop the pain and that’s the only thing I can see as the light at the end of the tunnel. She asked me if I would attend A&E if she phoned a head to see someone from the mental health team. I said no, I wouldn’t go as I don’t feel I am in that bad a place and the service could be used for someone who really needed it.

She seemed to accept this and told me to make an appointment for the two weeks’ time but that she wouldn’t be there anymore so to make with one of the surgery GP’s. Again did as I was told and left feeling like at least someone was taking the way I felt seriously. She was hopeful that by the time I saw the other GP the tablets would have started to make a difference and we could go from there.

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