Yet another assessment….

12 Jul

This is more of a catch up post about things that have gone on since I was discharged from hospital. Firstly, the crisis team. I have done everything they have asked of me; in their words ‘engaged’ with them and yet still the feeling of being low is not being lifted – will this feeling ever go away? I still don’t see the point of them in my case. I am sure they have great success with others but they just don’t ‘get’ me!

Secondly, my GP. I have gotten more from her than the crisis team even though I have seen her only once a week. I feel like she is actually looking out for me rather than me being a statistic. She referred me to primary care as she believes that counselling is the way forward and she also thinks the tablets have made a slight difference so wants me to stay on them. As I have respect for her, I agree to go ahead with her recommendations.

So I received an appointment from primary care to go for an assessment (I have had so many assessments, I’m beginning to get bored of my own history!!) and so yet again off I go with an open mind. Firstly, I had to fill in a questionnaire on a computer which the therapist then looked at and moved on to having a chat. He said he believed CBT would be good for me (I’ll go in to my thoughts on CBT in another post!) and after an hour or so I left. Stupidly, him saying that CBT would be good for me made me believe that I would go on a waiting list with them and get the said CBT.

Er……. No!!

I was told by the crisis team that I had been rejected by primary care as the case was too complex and would be referred to secondary care. This also meant that the crisis team could discharge me to them. As mentioned before, I have never had any experience of the mental health services and so I had no idea what secondary mental health care was and no one was forthcoming at letting me know.

I was told there would be a handover meeting where a member of the crisis team and my allocated new care co-ordinator (no idea what one of these is either) would visit me. I had seen quite a lot of members of the crisis team over the previous weeks but wasn’t sure who would be at the handover. I really hoped it would be one of the ones I got on with so the new woman could get a real view of me.

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