Handover meeting

19 Jul

In my last post, I said I hoped the member of the crisis team that would be at the handover meeting would be one of the ones I got on with. To be honest, any of the ones I met would have been a help!! However, a man that I had never met turned up – how could he do a handover when he had no idea about me – seriously what was the point of that?

On a positive the care coordinator (cc) seemed really nice and close to my age and seemed like she had a sense of humour – something everyone else in the service seemed to have lacked. I know mental health is serious but sometimes I want to make a sarcastic comment and not be looked at like I have committed some kind of crime!!

The thing I have struggled with in the crisis team is seeing so many different people. I don’t trust and have huge barriers around me and by seeing a different person practically every time meant that neither me nor them were getting anything from the relationship (in 8 weeks I saw 11 different people!). And so I was hopeful that having one person who I would get to know would be a good thing.

At the end of the handover, I made an appointment to see my cc and said goodbye to the crisis team finally!

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