29 Jul

Yet another assessment!! Today I saw the psychiatrist and we didn’t hit it off very well. I am quite in to quantum physics (well I try to understand it and fail miserably) and the fact that an atom can be in 2 places at once (which has been proven) and the possibilities this opens up eg does this mean we can be in two places at once? Or does reality actually exist or only when we look at it does it materialise?  We ended up talking about this in the appointment and her response was, “did you do physics at a level?” I said, “no” and she said, “well I did so I think I know more than you”. She lost me at this point, I just laughed and will admit to throwing my dummy out and sitting in petulance and only answering the questions with as little info as possible.

Throughout my life I have dealt with an extremely varied set of people – from celebrities to multi-millionaires to the homeless and 1 thing is true for them all. I will show respect once it is gained – you start with a blank slate with me – I don’t care who or what you are or have been. This was also true for the doctor sat in front of me. Just because she had been to university for x amount of years does not mean she should expect my respect – only once she treats me with it will she get it in return!

I left that appointment feeling quite angry and with my medication being upped to maximum dose (sertraline 200mg), another appointment was made for me on 10 days to see if new medication was helping any. The new meds option I had were;

1)      Mirtazapine (another anti-depressant) – to take in addition to the sertraline to try and calm my brain down – the flashbacks have been extremely bad and I am not sleeping so this was option 1 and the one the doctor said she would recommend

2)      Quetiapine (an anti-psychotic) – this would be at a very low dose to try and do the same as option 1 – but this was a stronger drug and so she said would be option 2

I chose option 1 (part of me wanted to chose 2 just to go against her advice but that’s just me and my stubbornness again!!).

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