The question I’ve been dreading

29 Sep

I know it is a long time between the last post and this one but nothing much happened during this time. I saw my cc every week and as it stands now we are just getting to know each other and trying to build a trusting relationship. This means so far we have just sat and talked about more general things and then when I’ve felt up to it I’ve mentioned some bits of how I am feeling.

I have found this difficult – I have never said out loud what has happened to me and I really struggle with it. I know I need to and out of everyone who is trying to help me, my cc and GP are the 2 I feel most comfortable with and so hopefully I will eventually be able to say things to them. Today she brought up the whole sexual health question. This is something I have been both dreading and avoiding. I know I need to get tested for STI’s but how can I go and do that when it will be so triggering for me? She has said she will go with me and support me through it all but I just don’t feel comfortable with this. I need to think this one through as I know I need to face up to it!

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