Psychiatrist Appointment

13 Mar

Today saw me have my review session with my psychiatrist after being an inpatient. If I’m honest I probably did myself no favours but I was in such a bad mood/place that I couldn’t be bothered talking too much. She asked all the usual questions; how my meds are, what my day looks like, how my work is going and my eating and drinking habits etc

I’m currently doing a meal replacement diet because I need this weight off asap (please don’t anyone comment on this – I am very well-informed on nutrition and exercise and whilst I know isn’t that healthy, the medical risks of my current weight outweighs the negatives of it). As soon as I get enough weight off, I will switch to eating healthily. My psychiatrist wasn’t over the moon with the fact I wasn’t eating but said she could see my point and agreed that as long as I drank enough then she was ok with it.

She did however ask if I thought it was a good idea for me to go back on the ward – I wasn’t too sure where this came from. We hadn’t spoken about suicide and thoughts around it and if we had I’d have said that I was ok. I assumed the ward is a place to keep you or others safe from immediate danger so why did she ask me that when not in a place of danger!!

Anyway, my response is not repeatable but was essentially under no circumstances will I go back on to that ward.

She asked if I felt competent enough to drive and I let her know it had never entered my head that I wasn’t. She informed me that at any point she could call the dvla and tell them I didn’t have capacity to drive – not sure why she felt the need to tell me this, driving has never come up as an issue before and didn’t expect it to!

Anyway, we didn’t really have anything else to say and so she said she would see me in another 2 months. So it went from her asking me if I should go back in to hospital and saying about the dvla, to saying she didn’t need to see me for 8 weeks – mixed signals!!!

Saying that, I do actually like my psychiatrist – she treats me like a human being and speaks to me in a down to earth and straightforward way!


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3 responses to “Psychiatrist Appointment

  1. Emgie63

    March 13, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Good luck with your weight loss. I know how hard that is. Ugh!

  2. Claire

    March 14, 2012 at 8:15 am

    If you get fed up with the meal replacement things, go Vegan for a few days. You can eat anything you like (as long as you don’t realise how many naughty snacks actually are Vegan). Marks and Spencer do some very nice packaged salads and stir frys. (Using far too much plastic though)


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