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06 Apr

The last time I posted I mentioned that I was going to go through my expectations with my care coordinator (cc). I was due to see her on the weds and she called on the Monday to say she had been thinking about my needs and wanted to introduce a support worker in to the equation and would I be ok with this. I told her I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get me better!

When she came round on the weds, we discussed both sets of expectations. I told her that 90% of them were being met but it was the regular contact and not leaving me for weeks on own that wasn’t. She explained why she doesn’t ask duty to call me in these instances. We have an understanding that I don’t answer calls from blocked numbers (just because I worry it could be someone from the gang), and so my cc always leaves a message and I’ll call her straight back. Sometimes though when not in a good place, I don’t want to call back and she knows that I will do when I feel able (because I’m returning a call and not making one out of the blue – I’m ok with this!). Anyway, her reasoning was that a duty worker doesn’t know that about me and if it’s 2 or 3 days and they haven’t had a reply it is likely they will send an ambulance or police and that’s why she doesn’t like asking duty to call if she is off. I can understand that and see her point.

We also discussed plans for moving forward. I’m going to see my brother in America in 9 weeks (arrrrgh!!) and so need to do some intensive work on getting me out of the house and being around other people. It’s 2 flights to get me to where he lives – one for 8 hours, then a 4.5 hour wait at that airport and then another 3 hour flight and I’m going by myself – not sure this was my brightest idea!!

With that in mind, we are doing some intense graded exposure and will have the following:
A support worker once a week
A student social worker twice a week
My cc once a week &
Therapy once a week
I know I asked for regular contact but I’m worried this will overwhelm me (I only asked for once a week). We are doing some tough stuff in therapy and then to tackle the social stuff at the same time might just be that bit too far.

However, I’m giving it my best shot. This week saw me go for a 15 min walk with student, a difficult therapy session and a half hour walk with my cc. It’s a 4 day week this and next so won’t be seeing support worker until the week after. I’ll see how it goes on the first full week of having everyone round and how it leaves me feeling!!

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