Post-Hospital Emotions

01 Aug

Following on from my last post, I had a visit from an SHO who wanted to speak to me and asked all the usual questions you get in a psych consult. Asking about my suicidal thoughts and what had changed since I was admitted, as well as just a general chat about me and what I get/got up to in my general life. She was actually really nice and she knew about my work (which very few people do) and so we talked about that for a bit. She told me she had to feed back to my own psychiatrist and would do it as soon as possible but a tribunal was going on so it could be a while.

Next, my psychiatrist came in to the dorm and asked to see me privately. She said that the other doctor had given a favourable report but she was extremely wary of letting me go. She shared her concerns, that my decision date was that actual day and how did she know that I wasn’t spinning them a line in order to get out and actually commit suicide. As I have a relationship with her, she knows my word is important and I told her that I promised I wasn’t doing that. As someone suggested on twitter, I had written a support plan so had written down what I would do if I felt I was struggling and what I wanted to try to achieve each day (as basic as get out of bed). She told me she had spoken to my care co-ordinator and she had thought I should stay in for longer to stabilise (at which point my heart sank). Fortunately, my psych decided to give me a chance and discharged me. Little did I know that she had already made this decision before I spoke to her and luckily my discharge meds were ready for me so I could literally just leave the ward.

I was absolutely ecstatic. I knew that if I didn’t get discharged that day then I would be in there for at least a week whilst my psychiatrist was on holiday. I came home and got enveloped by the opening ceremony for the Olympics and to be honest was just so relieved to be home, that’s all that mattered!

On the saturday night, still feeling invincible, I went out with a friend to a local comedy gig. I hadn’t been out like for a LONG time and had a drink and enjoyed myself. I slept for the rest of the weekend – a mix of medication and the fact I had been woken every 15 mins since Tuesday!

I spoke to my cc and therapist on Monday and arranged appointments for them both but I felt so much anger when I spoke to them. I couldn’t work out if it was anger at them or just anger and they were the people I had spoken to and therefore just misplaced. I saw my cc yesterday and mentioned this to her. She asked if I was angry at anything she had done? I told her I wasn’t best pleased she wanted me to stay in hospital but it wasn’t anger as I understood that was her job. I kind of just left it there and hoped it would dissipate. My cc is away next week and so I won’t be seeing her for 2 weeks.

And then it hit me like a brick wall. For the life of me, I couldn’t think of a trigger, a thought or incident etc but I just felt my mood drop. The empty feeling returned and started to swallow me up again. I took my medication and went to bed hoping it would be different today. But it wasn’t, it was worse.

I went to therapy and my therapist told me she is going on maternity leave and so we have a set number of sessions left to sortthings out. We discussed where this would likely take me up to and she believes that we will have done most of the emotional regulating work. I explained that I hoped we would have reached that point a lot earlier than that but she said she wouldn’t move on to actually dealing with the traumas as she wouldn’t want to leave me in the middle of something. Apparently they aren’t replacing her whilst she is on leave and so I would go back on a waiting list (which is currently 12 months) for any actual therapy about my traumas. I don’t really know how I feel about this. My initial reaction was I’m not willing to wait so long and so cut my losses now and just give up on therapy. But then that wouldn’t do me any good either! To be honest, I don’t feel in a place to think straight about it at the moment so am just parking it and taking it as it comes!

S where am I at at the moment? I feel so low, I am scared of going back to the suicidal place, so much so that I have been pretending with my emotions. I’m supposed to be happy I’m out of hospital, so I was trying to be happy. I’m supposed to use this whole experience to propel myself forward, so I tried to do things out of my comfort zone. But, as a friend said to me, how about just feeling what your feeling. I can’t take away from the fact that I have had a crappy experience by being in hospital and I need to accept that and allow myself to feel the emotions attached to that. I do worry where that is going to take me, but fighting against it isn’t going to do me any good!

This post has been very much a thought diary and so I’m not sure if it makes any sense at all to anyone but me!!


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4 responses to “Post-Hospital Emotions

  1. revpamsmith

    August 1, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    I do feel for you – in a way it’s like any recovery from a serious injury – two steps forward and one step back – but for you the injury is emotional/psychological/spiritual so it’s very hard for you to look at how you’re doing objectively.

    I guess that when you feel bad then you feel like you’ve made no progress, because progress is about feeling better.

    It does look from where I am – which of course is a long way away – that you have made a lot of progress. Even the anger could be progress because you’re allowing some strong feelings to surface.

    I know analogies are a bit dangerous, but I’m going to make one anyway. I was told on Monday that the op I had to remove my gallbladder was really big, and although I’m recovering well it’s going to be a long time until I feel properly better.

    The registrar said ‘There will be days when you feel completely back to normal, and will do a lot of things, but then the next day you’ll be flat on your back feeling exhausted – and this is all a normal part of recovery.’

    I wonder if there’s a similar pattern in recovering from psychological trauma.

    The other thing is that my stomach was pretty numb straight after the surgery, so it didn’t hurt having my wound dressed etc. I’m getting the feeling back now and I’m experiencing MORE discomfort and even pain. But I am still getting better.

    Keep going – you can do it.


    • femaleptsd

      August 4, 2012 at 10:46 pm

      What you say makes a lot of sense!!! Sometimes I think I need to remember I’m recovering from some quite traumatic things and can’t expect to be ‘ok’

      I hope your recovery is going well x

  2. Nurse DustyV

    August 2, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Hey, I agree with revpamsmith above- sometimes you feel like you are taking steps back but you are not losing any insight you have gained or new ways of handling certain situations… it sounds like you have gained more control, but you are at the mercy of your emotions and traumatic past.

    I wonder if sometimes pretending with our emotions is in fact a clever way of trying to convince ourselves to start feelings better. Sometimes those who experience depressive episodes are so used to that low feeling it is easier to accept it than fight against it, although I am not saying you or anyone should try to fight, but pretending to be happy might help. And it might not.

    I guess what I want to say is don’t feel crap about yourself if you aren’t where you expected to be- you have not failed and you are so strong to have to even cope with the feelings you experience day to day.

    It’s a shame the therapy situation has occured; I think that would set anyone back and can certainly act as a trigger to stress and anxiety. Hold on in there. Don’t forget to use your plan and get support wherever it is

    Nurse D

    • femaleptsd

      August 4, 2012 at 10:48 pm

      Thanks so much. I wonder if when you take steps back, the steps to get back again are a bit smaller each time (not sure if that makes any sense!!) x


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