Reaction to my Last Post

11 Aug

It surprised me how much debate and comment my last post on whether people see PTSD as a mental illness got. I like debate and having my own personal opinions questioned and either changed or cemented in their originality.

What I didn’t expect however, was people who I thought knew me as much as possible on an anonymous twitter account, becoming what I can only describe as ‘elitist’ in their comments. And by that I mean, they believe because they have a diagnosis that is a mental illness and never questioned in that respect (eg schizophrenia, bipolar etc), they thought they had the right to belittle and make others feel bad. That because they don’t see other conditions as ‘life-long’, they therefore don’t have it as ‘bad’ as them.

The fact is, regardless of diagnosis or longevity of illness, if you are in the grasp of your set of symptoms then you feel the way you do – end of! It really shocked me to see that there was this obvious hierarchy of perceived mental illness (within people with mental health issues) that to be honest I haven’t come across before. For that reason I have created the poll below. It is completely anonymous and neither I or anyone else will know who has voted so please be as honest as possible.

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One response to “Reaction to my Last Post

  1. bpnana

    August 24, 2013 at 7:52 am

    Hi. Your observation is spot on! I think that’s just human nature. It’s taken me many, many years to realize that I don’t have to take anyone trying to minimize my experience personally, just because they may have been diagnosed years earlier, or their symptoms, to them, might seem more difficult to manage. I’ve learned that whenever that happens, it’s because we all want to feel important. That we are being heard. But no one is more important than anyone else. I’ve learned, in the years since diagnosis, that it’s all childish rubbish and I just need to let people into my world who are positive and encouraging. Also, some are sicker than others, and compassion is something that in time will come. Don’t let it bug you too much! We all need to be our own best friend and choose our companions wisely. Bloggers, twitterers, vloggers, etc.There are lots of good, thoughtful and like-minded people, wanting to reach out to you. Don’t waste your precious time with
    Best wishes, Peace of Mind & Love to you! Nana
    P.S. There are so many people in cyberspace that are compassionate, kind & worth your time. Seek & you’ll find them. Your are worth the best!


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