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What are the most common symptoms of PTSD?

A couple of weeks ago, I put a post up asking for people to fill in a questionnaire for me (seen here). I’m not sure if anyone would be interested but this is the responses from 65 people on their most common symptoms – remember you are not alone in this!

PTSD symptoms

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If you…

If you….

If you had to go back to the worst moment of your life, everyday, as if you were reliving it

If you had to stay indoors because you were too scared of seeing faces in the crowd – even if they aren’t there

If you had to endure sleepless nights where the worst of your thoughts come out to play

If you hated yourself so much that you didn’t understand how you could breathe the same air as others

If you lost time, didn’t know what happened but always came back hurt

If you sometimes couldn’t even get out of bed for fear of what you would do to yourself, never mind the fact your brain won’t allow you to

If you had to put up with this day in, day out, would you still be alive?


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